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Tales From The Wild West

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By Angela HendersonJune 07, 2024
Lochside News

Winter Weather at Loch Katrine: A Wild Experience

Are you searching for an Airbnb near Loch Katrine or Loch Lomond that offers a true communion with nature? Many of our guests come to escape the grey concrete and immerse themselves in the wild beauty of Loch Katrine. While the serene landscapes and sweet aromas are a significant draw, Mother Nature sometimes shows her more fierce and untamed side.

Last November, Storm Arwen swept through Scotland, leaving her mark on Loch Katrine. The storm felled shallow-rooted pine trees like matchsticks, creating a scene of horizontal trees scattered across the landscape. When the Stronachlachar neighbourhood gathered to assess the damage, they witnessed the raw power of nature.

Miraculously, there were no injuries or property damage. The gas tanks supplying our self-catering properties, including Lochside House and Lochside Apartment, were unharmed despite being under fallen trees. The local community came together, using chainsaws and wheelbarrows to clear the road to Aberfoyle by late afternoon. The wood from the storm will keep the local population warm for years to come.

This experience is a humbling reminder of our role as caretakers of this wild planet and how adversity can bring out the best in people. The landscape has opened up to reveal new vistas, and the repaired broadband mast on the top of Ben ensures we stay connected to the outside world.

For a unique stay in Lochside House or Lochside Apartment on Loch Katrine, where you can experience the raw and wild beauty of Scotland, get in touch with us. Call 07549 145626 or email info@lochside.house.

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